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Why We Celebrate Christmas featuring Jesus Tree Decorations is a Book-Product combination that presents scriptural truths in a unique and interesting manner.

The book portion, starting with Adam and Eve through the great leaders and prophets of the Old Testament, explains the story of why Jesus was born into the world. Each character or event is explained on one page and has one bible verse to support its particular message. The book portion will help you with your children in understanding:

  • The Christmas Story isn’t make believe but an actual, historical, Biblical event.
  • That angels exist, miracles happen, and prophecies do come true.
  • Dad and Mom give them gifts at Christmas not based upon whether they were good or bad, but out of unconditional love for them.
  • The greatest gift is from God.

The product portion is fourteen different decorations which can be colored by your children and cut-out to hang on the Christmas tree. Each decoration has part of the bible verse taken from the page that explains its specific message.

One decoration a day could be hung on the tree as a devotional with the last one on Christmas Eve or day. The Christmas tree itself will actually be transformed into a storyteller and witness for Jesus.

The book and decorations, in the privacy of your own home, will help you and your children explain the story of Jesus to all who enter. The Christmas tree will become a showcase for discussion as a believer and non-believer alike are drawn to it. What better time of year than Christmas are we given an opportunity, with our children, to share our faith? Not by showing the world what’s wrong with the way they present Christmas, but what’s better about the way we celebrate the birth of our Lord.

Published by Jesus Tree Decorations Company
Copyright 1996 by Garry R. Kennedy