The creator of the Jesus Tree Decorations, Garry R. Kennedy, was interviewed on the Christian TV Program, Christian Gifted, explaining how he came to create the Jesus Tree Ornaments. Some gifted children also read from the book, Why we celebrate Christmas.

In 2009, Mr. Kennedy’s Sunday School class went to a children’s shelter and presented Why We Celebrate Christmas for the second year in a row.  They also provided dinner, free copies of the book, and crayons to color the ornaments within. They all had a great time ministering to the children and, as usual, the adults got more blessed than the kids.  

Note: This is an event that one or several people can put on at home with your family, at church, or wherever the message can be shared. You can even print out the book and ornaments in black and white, and give them to the children to color later. You don’t need to make a major production out of this: just have fun, and make sure you include Jesus!

Christian Gifted Host Pamela Kennedy took a group of children to the Fresno Rescue Mission, Rescue the Children, to do a small presentation on Why we celebrate Christmas. The video below includes interviews with staff and residents at the mission.

Mr. Kennedy gave a class on sharing Jesus during Christmas using the Jesus Tree Decorations and Why We Celebrate Christmas Witness Book.

Note: The first video below references the Old Testament. The second video, the New Testament.

This young lady, Becky Kelley, and her father do an excellent job asking a great question: Is Jesus in your Christmas?